Former Chiefs star Neil Smith saves pregnant woman from flood waters

Former NFL All-Pro Neil Smith was “in the right place at the right time” to help a pregnant woman escape flood waters Tuesday.

Smith was at an elementary school in the Kansas City suburb of Lee’s Summit, Mo., when he saw a woman attempting to drive through waist-high water.

“What we are trying to do is practice fast and create that as close as we can to game simulation as far as that is concerned,” Rivera said, via ESPN. “I thought they did that for us [Tuesday]. I think it showed. You could see the timing coming back.”

While Newton has yet to dress for a preseason game, he has been revving up his throwing activities. He was seen tossing the ball around in team drills Monday and Tuesday after resting his shoulder throughout a good portion of training camp.

The Panthers have been cautious with Newton since he underwent surgery on his right shoulder in March to repair a partially torn rotator cuff, though he was anticipated to play “at some point” in the preseason.

Given his latest step forward, Newton will likely be starting under center when the team opens the regular season Sept. 10 at San Francisco.

Gresham failed two times in a row to cash in as a free agent, signing one-year contracts worth $2.5 and $3.5 million with the Cardinals. His 391-yard output last season failed to reach his disappointing 460-yard levels with the Bengals, which is why he did not garner interest outside of Arizona. Somehow those 391 yards convinced the Cardinals to invest $7 million a year this time around despite the fact that they were likely bidding against nobody for his services.seahawks_127

Kevin Durant is always watching what you tweet to him

Durant’s logic is irrefutable here. Any dog would much rather live inside a house without being subject to the elements and with easy access to belly rubs. So by extension, someone would need to be pretty horrible for a dog to give up that life and risk it on the streets.

Atkinson shared some of his vision for that future in an 11-minute conversation with SB Nation at the NBA Summer League. Here is a transcript.
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Why are you coaching Summer League? Terry Stotts isn’t coaching. Neither is Earl Watson. But here you are, up and down the sidelines. Why?

Marcus Peters Limited Jersey I think it’s three-fold: One – I think this is a young core we’re trying to build with so I thought that was important. If I’m gonna ask them to play — guys like Spencer [Dinwiddie], Rondae doesn’t have to play — if I’m gonna ask them to do it, then I feel like I should be with them. I think this is the best way I can coach them. I can be hands-on, have film sessions. To me, this is kind of like a dress rehearsal. It’s hard to do that just working guys out in the summer and just doing skill work.

So I think there’s real value [through Summer League] in helping them improve. And I just value Summer League a lot. For a staff, figuring out issues. I think it’s undervalued honestly.

Lastly, even improving myself. Even [in their July 13 win over the Nuggets], there were 2 or 3 situations where I could have played it better. It’s like I’m taking a test. You’ve really got to have the answer. I obviously don’t have a lot of experience being a head coach. This just gives me more time in a flight simulator.

Matthew Dellavedova wears his wedding ring while he plays basketball … on his shoe string

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Most spouses like to keep their wedding rings close by. Matthew Dellavedova is no different.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ point guard posted a picture on Twitter of his wedding ring looped between the shoe strings of his all-black Delly 1s.

To each their own. Dellavedova can wear his wedding ring however he chooses, and if you can’t wear jewelry on the basketball court, the next best, and safest place to keep it is on your feet.

It’s hard to know what to make of the Clippers at this point, but tearing down good teams is harder than the internet chorus makes it seem. Griffin and Jordan are homegrown All-Stars. You don’t just turn them away in their prime to try and draft them again in four years. Put it another way: Steve Ballmer didn’t pay $2 billion to tank.
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What we’re left with is a far more competitive landscape out West than existed previously. The specter of the Warriors hangs over everything, but that doesn’t mean teams can simply mark time and wait for their run to be over. There are challenges and expectations to be met in every market and contractual realities to address that are unique to every situation.

Player movement is a zero-sum game and while the West geared up, the East hemorrhaged talent. The Celtics were the only team to swing a major move when they signed Hayward in free agency, while the Raptors and Wizards elected to bring back their respective cores at a substantial cost. The Cavs lost their GM, but not their standing as presumptive favorites.

The Warriors are on national TV more often than they’re on League Pass

The NBA unveiled the entire schedule for the 2017-18 regular season, and the reigning champion Golden State Warriors will play 43 nationally televised games on ESPN, TNT, NBA TV, or ABC. That means fewer than half of their games will be available for those who purchase an NBA League Pass subscription.

Last season, the Warriors had 28 combined games airing on ESPN, TNT, or ABC. That number has increased to 31 this year.
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But that does mean we could see a lot less of the traditional white uniforms next season. The home team selects what jersey it’ll be wearing for the night, and road teams have to adjust.

If whomever the Bulls are playing holds true to tradition and goes with lighter colors at home, the Bulls will end up having to switch from their primary road uniforms to another choice.

Teams will have four selections to alternate among for jersey choice. There’s the Icon look, the Association look, and two alternates between Community look and the Athlete’s Mindset edition. Teams will choose between the Icon and Association look as their home and away jerseys and use the other two as alternates.

Y.A. Tittle Elite Jersey The Bulls bucked a trend, but things were meant to be flexible in this new system anyway. There will likely be other teams that choose dark and colorful uniforms as their home look.

Ultimately, it’s not going to be too big of a deal and will probably end up being pretty fun, with teams alternating jerseys on a night-to-night basis. The point of this was to have some sort of variation between jerseys during each game, and from the looks of it, things are going to work out that way.

Little League World Series 2017 live stream: Times, TV schedule, and how to watch Day 2 online

Half of the teams in the 2017 Little League World Series opened the tournament on Thursday, leaving eight teams to play their first game in Williamsport, Pa. on Friday.

All four games on the tournament’s second day will be televised by ESPN, with online streaming available through WatchESPN.

The definite best part of the fun though is the three teams that are wearing special uniforms for the occasion: the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes, Bowling Green Hot Rods, and Columbia Fireflies.

The S-K Volcanoes jerseys are metal as hell, with the most realistic representation of the sun on any of the three limited edition shirts. Also, the moon’s phases relatively resemble the seams on a baseball which is a nice bonus.

The Bowling Green Hot Rods also did a great job, with the home team representing the moon and their opponents wearing a shirt with the sun on it. It works on more than a celebratory level, since the moon will technically defeat the sun during the eclipse and hopefully the home team will too.

The side street that runs down one side of Fenway Park was named for Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey in 1977 a year after he died in 1976. He owned the team for more than 40 years and left behind a legacy rife with racist, discriminatory, and altogether unsavory practices.

In comments to the Boston Herald, current Sox owner John Henry says he has discussed the process with city leadership in the past but that it was considered opening a can of worms.

Some Sox fans may agree that the road should have been changed years ago, or at least more publicly acknowledged as a process that should be initiated. Henry maintains that he has been “haunted” by the team’s past and the legacy of those that came before him.

The 3 toughest decisions of the MLB trade deadline

It’s not that simple. Nothing you tell me in that voice is. There are always complications, gray areas, blurred lines. Life is a series of blurred lines that people attempt to understand as if they’re high-definition lines, unambiguous and easily defined. I worry that you’re feeding me platitudes because you underestimate my intelligence.

And if they make the postseason, oh, buddy. This is the template. This is the dream. The Indians made it to Game 7 of the World Series with one ace and a bullpen of doom. The Royals won two pennants and a World Series with a bullpen of doom. While Aroldis Chapman is a lot dodgier than he should be, here’s what the Yankees are hoping for:

How short can the Yankees make these postseason games? They can bring a closer-quality arm in from the fifth inning on if they’re willing to stretch one of them out for two innings. Heck, if they feel that two of those pitchers are good for a couple innings, they can essentially have a closer in the game from the fourth inning on.
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Elite Youth Brandon Bass Jersey So I’ll give them a provisional A, but the final grade will be reliant on how strong they make the team for the stretch run. The Yankees still have obvious holes and a dynamite farm system. The smart move is to target players who will help them now and in future seasons, like Kahnle, to minimize the hit to their farm system in the short term. Because this core is built to last a long time, and they’ll be the scariest four-inning postseason team in recent memory.

Rays players wore shirts with the Venezuelan flag on them to support teammates

Tampa Bay Rays players wore T-shirts emblazoned with the Venezuelan flag on Wednesday as a show of support to teammates and those in the organization from Venezuela.

The country has been dealing with political unrest and violence recently, on top of a drastic food shortage that has affected large percentages of the population this year.

LaDainian Tomlinson Womens Jersey According to the Tampa Bay Times, Wilson Ramos, one of Venezuelan nationals on the team, said of the gesture, It’s good support for the people there and indicated that Chris Archer was the organizer of the whole thing.
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His statistics are also not too far off from what he was putting up last year, so teams know what they’re getting in this trade and aren’t necessarily buying low and hoping for a miraculous turnaround. Garcia is who he says he is.

At this stage in his career, he can definitely make for a useful starter in the back end of a rotation, which is what the Royals were hoping for and something the Twins could definitely use, seeing as they are currently relying on Adalberto Mejía and Bartolo Colon as their fourth and fifth starters.

Not the worst options in the world, but not people who are at the stage in their careers where relying on them in what Minnesota is hoping will be a deep playoff run is in anyone’s best interest.

One worry with Garcia is his history with injuries, despite not dealing with any yet this year. It looks like that’s a risk Minnesota is willing to take if it means getting some pitching support at a price it can afford.

Bucs’ Roberto Aguayo is missing kicks again

On the heels of a rookie season that saw him serve largely as either a punchline or a punching bag, Roberto Aguayo set himself up for even more abuse Friday.

“Now it’ll be 48 [Dupree] and 90 [Watt], and they’ll just play until they’re tired. And when they get tired, somebody will come and relieve them. But it won’t be ‘This is your series and this is the next one’s series.’ We don’t have to do that.”

Harrison, the franchise leader with 79.5 career sacks, will see a major decline in playing time behind his tinted helmet visor but the 39-year-old remains a reliable component of the team’s defense in case of inury or decline in productivity.

“That’s why he’s here; he’s going to fight it,” Porter said. “But his role is his role. He’s a relief pitcher. Until we need you, the young guys are going to play. You’re a good safety net to have; if somebody’s not getting the job done, we happen to know we have a wily veteran that we can put into the game. But to be honest going in, we have two young first-rounders who shouldn’t be tired. And when they do get tired, we’ll make the adjustments we need to.

“I know the old guy wants to play but at the same time it’s hard to get in there if those guys are doing the job. If they’re doing their job and they’re playing at a high level, the understanding is understood. You don’t have to explain anything that you can see right there on tape.”

Watt, 22, has worked extensively with the Steelers’ first-team defense since OTAs in May and continued to impress throughout training camp before starting Pittsburgh’s preseason opener Friday against the Giants. He recorded two sacks in the first quarter and took some reps with special teams.

NFL preseason Week 1: No knocks on Jameis Winston in Bucs’ opener

Even without the added exposure of Hard Knocks, the Buccaneers have generated quite a bit of buzz heading into the 2017 season.

The NFL got its first look at how Jameis Winston would work with his newest weapons Friday night, and the results were impressive. Though the Bucs failed to find the end zone during Winston’s stint on the field in a 23-12 loss to the Bengals, he wasted no time in returning to the comfort of Mike Evans while also working the Tampa Bay newcomers into the mix.

Tony Romo comparisons won’t stop now for Cooper Rush, an undrafted free agent out of Central Michigan, where he started for four years, passing for 12,891 yards and 90 touchdowns for the Chippewas. He completed his first eight passes vs. the Rams and finished 9 for 11 for 104 yards.
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On the other side of the field Saturday night, Kupp was a spark for L.A. He caught a 19-yard pass from Goff to move the chains on second-and-9 and a few plays later, recovered Woods’ fumble in the end zone for the touchdown.

Josh McCown was sharp in his one-drive appearance for the Jets in their 7-3 win over the Titans, completing 3 of 4 passes for 72 yards and one touchdown. The key to the scoring drive was this 53-yard dime to Robby Anderson.

Authentic Womens Tom Brady Jersey Big Ben’s track record against the Browns is well-documented. He’s 20-2 against them for his career, including a 10-2 record at Cleveland. Here’s one stat that gets buried, however: Roethlisberger is just 3-3 all time against the Vikings and Bears. The Steelers will be favored in those games, but they can’t take them for granted. Pittsburgh should be undefeated at the end of September.

Indians manager Terry Francona unwilling to gaze into baseball’s sunset

Cribbage — an unfamiliar game to many — involves collecting certain sets of cards for points while using a board to keep score. After each participant eventually selects four cards to maintain, one face-down card from every hand is given to the dealer; those produce an additional hand, which is considered the crib.

It’s a game completely unrelated to baseball, but for Indians manager Terry Francona it represents a way to connect with his players while carrying on a childhood memory. His father, John Francona, who played in the big leagues from 1956-70 with the Indians, among nine other teams, taught him the game. They even share the nickname Tito.

Darius Butler Mens Jersey We’re here (at the park) all day, Francona said. It gives me a chance to mess around with the guys a little.

Brendan Miller of Cubs Insider found an interesting correlation between Hendricks’ release point and the velocity on his fastball. The higher Hendricks’ release point, the slower the velocity on his fastball. At the same time, the pitcher has found that attempting to correct this problem has created even more difficulties.

Stefon Diggs Mens Jersey When (my release point) goes lower my stride gets long with it too, Hendricks said. I just kind of get stuck and my arm’s not free coming through. And along with velocity, my stuff just isn’t the same. It comes out kind of flat and just runs on me instead of sink. I don’t get any depth on my changeup or my sinker, so I don’t get those kind of swings that I usually see.

All those things are the key to his success. Batters have swung and missed at Hendricks’ changeup at a 23.2 percent rate throughout his career, while the movement on his assortment of pitches has helped create a ton of soft contact. From 2014 to 2016, around just 25 percent of the pitches hit into play were hit hard off Hendricks.