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No. 1 Gonzaga¡¯s perfect season ends in shocking loss to BYU

Gonzaga has been the most polarizing team in the country for the bulk of the 2016-17 college basketball season. Critics have pointed to their lack of competition in the West Coast Conference, while fans and defenders have noted their impressive non-conference victories and, oh yeah, the little fact that they appeared destined to be just the fifth team in the last 40 years to begin a season 30-0.

That defense is no longer on the table.

BYU stormed back from an early 18-2 deficit and stunned the top-ranked Bulldogs on their home court Saturday night. The 79-71 defeat in the regular season finale for both teams dropped Gonzaga to 29-1 heading into next week¡¯s WCC tournament.
Game Kids Wallace Gilberry Jersey
Despite the fact that he was squaring off against Gonzaga¡¯s 7¡¯1 behemoth Przemek Karnowski, BYU big man Eric Mika proved to be the star of stars on Saturday. The sophomore controlled the paint after his team¡¯s slow start, finishing with 29 points on 10-of-14 shooting while also hauling down 11 rebounds. The Zags lost despite getting 19 points from All-American candidate Nigel Williams-Goss.

Jameis Winston has the potential to be a franchise quarterback. Physically, Winston has every tool. But his off-field issues won¡¯t be ignored. Neither will his on-field decision-making. Winston has thrown an alarming number of interceptions this season and seems to start games slow.

After those two, there is a steep dropoff. Michigan State¡¯s Connor Cook has a good combination of tools, though he may return for his senior season. Brett Hundley of UCLA is another player with tools, but struggles from the pocket. Sean Mannion of Oregon State and Bryce Petty of Baylor are traditional pocket passers who don¡¯t wow you in any particular area.

Basically, if your team needs a quarterback, good luck.

Authentic Bill Barber Jersey Missing from this list who could otherwise be in the top five is Utah State¡¯s Chuckie Keeton. The belief is that he¡¯ll be back in college next season and receive a medical redshirt after playing in just three games in 2014.

Anthony Lynn not worried by ex-head coaches on staff

Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn was roundly praised for the coaching staff he was able to put together in Los Angeles. The luring of former Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley to be defensive coordinator and the retaining of offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt gives Lynn a deep pocket of knowledge to draw from as a first-time head coach.

But does it also give the organization a deep pocket of replacement candidates to choose from should they not be happy with their original choice?

“That doesn’t bother me,” Lynn said, via The San Diego Union-Tribune. “I know those guys. Those guys have my back.”

“He’s one of several veterans who are still considering whether they want to play, whether they want to not play, retire, walk away,” NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport explained on Wednesday’s edition of NFL Total Access. “A lot of things in play here for Jay Cutler.”

The other veteran quarterbacks Rapoport alluded to are Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger and Tony Romo, all of whom have contemplated retirement since the end of the 2016 season.

Palmer has since committed to the Cardinals, while Roethlisberger and Romo are expected to play provided their bodies cooperate and their football situations are to their liking.

This isn’t to suggest that Cutler has one foot out the door as he enters his mid-thirties. It’s simply the new reality of the modern NFL in which established quarterbacks settling into their twilight years adopt a year-to-year approach, taking the time to weigh whether it’s worthwhile to continue playing after setting themselves and their families up for life.

Jameis Winston experiencing weakness in his throwing shoulder, according to report

Bernie Kosar Authentic Jersey
Jameis Winston has run into his first bump at the NFL Scouting Combine. Winston is experiencing “weakness in his throwing shoulder,” according to a report by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

To figure out the source of the problem, the former Florida State quarterback has undergone an electromyography on the affected shoulder. Shoulder weakness or “dead arm” isn’t common among quarterbacks, but it is a regular occurrence for baseball pitchers. Though best known for his football work, Winston also plays baseball for the Seminoles, splitting time between the outfield and the pitcher’s mound.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the doctors at the combine believe Winston’s issues are nerve related. However, the condition isn’t considered serious and he will not need treatment.

This wasn’t the first time that Davis had a 50-10 game this season. He had 50 points and 15 rebounds in a loss to the Nuggets on opening night.

Kevin Durant’s triple-double was the fourth in All-Star Game history, joining Dwyane Wade (2012), LeBron James (2011) and Michael Jordan (1997).

Russell Westbrook finished with 41 points, giving him 113 in the past three All-Star Games. That’s the most points by a player in the span of three All-Star Games. Elias Sports Bureau research shows that the previous mark of 104 was held by Durant (2012-14). Westbrook has three 30-point games, tied with Bryant for second in All-Star Game history. Durant leads in that stat with four.

Jimmer Fredette Authentic Jersey The other item of note was that DeMarcus Cousins played only two minutes, the fewest by a player in an All-Star Game in 46 years. But as it turned out, there was a reason (and a trade) behind that.

Smith said he loves Thomas Rawls and believes Rawls can develop into a No. 1 back

The Indians were able to splurge for what seems like a small upgrade because they are so strong and deep everywhere else on the roster. And the payroll is so lean that, even after adding Encarnacion, Cleveland still projects to finish in the bottom half of the majors in salary. Also, even if the upgrade turns out to be just a few runs, maybe those will be just the ones Cleveland needs to get over the top for the first time since 1948. After all, last season, one more well-timed run would have made all the difference.
Elite Youth Marquess Wilson Jersey
Boston Red Sox: Speaking of marginal upgrades …

I’m a big believer in the notion of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” when it comes to professional sports. Of course, the trick is to know when something is either broken or is about to break. The Red Sox weren’t broken last season. They won 93 games with the run differential of a 100-win team. They scored 101 more runs than any other team in the American League, finished third in team ERA and fourth in defensive runs saved. Sure, it all went sour in the ALDS against Cleveland, but randomness is a thing come October, and the Indians were (and are) a terrific team.

Nevertheless, with the retirement of David Ortiz, standing pat was not an option for Boston. That’s especially so for a team that during the past five years has been all or nothing, with two first-place finishes and three last-place finishes. So it was a challenging winter for team president Dave Dombrowski, who wouldn’t have it any other way.

Smith said he loves Thomas Rawls and believes Rawls can develop into a No. 1 back. However, Rawls has to “free his mind up.” Smith explained that Rawls put too much pressure on himself in 2016 and would get frustrated when he made mistakes.
Youth Martin Prado Jersey
When asked about what the Seahawks need to do to win another Super Bowl, Smith said the players need to regain their hunger. He acknowledged that could be difficult for a team that has won and possesses so many players who have been paid and achieved superstar status.

I can’t stop laughing at this portrait of me by my 28-year-old coworker

“Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.” — Salvador Dali

When I saw the portrait, I realized that I was bearing witness to a kind of greatness that only comes along once every 400 years. That I was probably going through something close to what the first beholder of the Mona Lisa experienced upon viewing Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece. Because this picture was evidence of an artistic ability so pure, so otherworldly, that it transcended this plane of humanity and soared toward the divine.

Here it is, the greatest drawing ever drawn, a portrait of me by SB Nation’s own 28-year-old Alex Rubenstein:

The biggest change to the roster this year is the addition of Semi Ojeleye, a 6’8 combo forward who sat out last season after transferring from Duke. Ojeleye had the pedigree to be a star player as a top-50 recruit out of the class of 2013, but it was hard to know exactly what SMU had in him because he rarely got on the floor for Duke. They know now: Ojeleye is an inside-outside force who can score all over the court and should be the conference player of the year.

Ojeleye does most of the heavy lifting on offense, leading the team with 18.2 points per game. He’s an impossible cover because of his combination of shooting (42.3 percent from three) and strength. After never scoring more than 10 points in a college game before this year, Ojeleye has scored 20 or more nine times already this season.

Rubenstein began drawing around age 7, but, instead of paraphrasing, I’m just going to provide the transcript of our interview.
Like any true artistic genius, Rubenstein is a bit of a recluse. He shies away from social media, refusing to use Twitter (besides keeping a few tabs open on his browser so that he can lurk). He is very careful about what commissions he accepts, for fear of over-saturating the market. As a result, the average going price for a Rubenstein original has risen from one lukewarm beer to at least three in one year.