Rob Gronkowski will not play in Patriots’ season opener

After battling a hamstring injury for weeks, tight end Rob Gronkowski will not be able to play this week when the New England Patriots open the season against the Cardinals in Arizona on Sunday Night Football. The Patriots confirmed the news on Friday night after it was reported that Gronkowski didn’t travel with the team.

In the first quarter Brandon Pettigrew Jersey against the Philadelphia Eagles — a team that finished No. 30 in defense a year ago — the Browns had three dropped passes and exactly zero first downs.

It also featured a comically awful fake punt attempt that saw punter Britton Colquitt line up as a blocker, only to just kind of run around and do nothing:

The Browns aren’t even close to buried by the Eagles, though. Cleveland finally got a first down early in the second quarter and followed it with a 44-yard bomb to Terrelle Pryor:

The big play by the former Ohio State and Oakland Raiders quarterback put the Browns in scoring range, and Isaiah Crowell punched it in to cut the Eagles’ lead to 10-7.

It was a good bounce-back from a horrible Calvin Johnson Jersey start, but another ridiculous mistake in the third quarter gave the Eagles a pair of easy points:

It looks like Browns might be missing Alex Mack a bit. And maybe leave the poorly designed fake punts in the playbook, Hue.

But on the NFL’s welcome back night, Cam Newton absorbed several dangerous blows to the head. Most were unpenalized and none resulted in the reigning MVP being removed from the game for further evaluation.

“There was communication between medical personnel on the Carolina sideline including the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant, and the two independent certified athletic trainer spotters in the booth,” an NFL spokesman said in a statement on Friday morning, via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. “During stoppage in play while on-field officials were in the process of administrating penalties, the unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant and team physician requested video from the spotters and reviewed the play. They concluded there were no indications of a concussion that would require further evaluation and the removal of the player from the game.”

The conclusion that Newton had no indications of a concussion is an odd one to make, especially after a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit in the fourth quarter from Denver Broncos safety Darian Stewart that finally drew a penalty and left Newton facedown on the field.

It’s like they all hypnotized themselves before stepping foot Oakland

It’s like they all hypnotized themselves before stepping foot Oakland. By the end of the, the trance break and Schaub be over the corner of the locker, scrawling out JFK assassination theories his own feces. For the inevitable moment Week 4 when Schaub throws five picks and someone the crowd launches a Xavier Cooper Jersey Molotov cocktail at him, the Raiders drafted Carr the second round. I have a soft spot heart for Carr because his baby went through the same life-threatening surgery that mine did. I’m rooting for him and I wish him nothing but the best. All that said, we’re talking about Carr’s brother here. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I am probably the Oakland Raiders. Carr is gonna BLOW. It’s only the preseason and he’s already gotten concussed. All the family. What’s new that sucks: Oh, you mean apart from the owner standing out on the curb and flashing his at any potential relocation spot that drives by? has already publicly batted his eyes at San and Los. Promise him a steak dinner and he’ll probably move the team to Branson. The Raiders’ lease Antonio Gates Jersey at Penitentiary ends after this, and they’ve already balked at joining the Niners Santa to be the Jets to their Giants, which means this probably marks the end of the Oakland Raiders as you know them. There be a few extra parking lot stabbings this fall, just for old time’s sake. And for their farewell tour, the Raiders went out and really Raiders’ up the joint, snatching up every possible 2008 All Pro they could. Here’s Tuck! And half of Jones-! And Lamarr Woodley! And Rogers ! Pills be administered at 430pm sharp.

Dinner’s a 5. Bingo at 6. But that’s not all. The team also stuck to their tradition of drafting wideouts too high and or paying them too much free agency by bringing Jones from the Packers, because bringing old Packers wideouts has always worked really well for them. Jones scored three touchdowns for the Packers last. And that was with Rodgers throwing him the ball. catch more passes from Schaub this than Jones. What has always sucked: After died, there was a collective sense of relief, a feeling that the Raiders could finally wrest themselves from the old ‘s grip and become a legitimate NFL franchise again.

And yet, here they are two years later, still fucking up every conceivable way. They can’t get the old stink off, and they haven’t done anywhere near enough to distance themselves from ‘ legacy. The Raiders treat like Il-Sung. They probably have him preserved like Lenin the stadium somewhere. His influence still permeates the club, from the facilities, to the product on the field, to the fans. Oh God, the fans. These moron fans are still living off the rep of Raiders teams from FIFTY years ago. They won’t let the team be anything other than sequel. They desperately need the Raiders to be RENEGADES and OUTLAWS, all at the expense of moving into the 21 st century and learning how to be a functional organization that can actually win football. It’s pathetic. The fans are sad and the stadium is sad. When I watch a Raiders home game on television, I feel confined and depressed by the stadium and I’m not even it. Also, McFadden is still here. Christ. What might not suck: I got nothing. Oh, there are new linemen! That sounds okay. Hear it from Raiders fans! Halston: I recently took up disc golf, and when I throw I truly have no idea where disc go. It might go straight, it might sail into a pond, it might hit a tree. I am just like Schaub. Fuck Khalif Barnes.Our stadium is full of hot garbage, literally.There’s a fantasy league that doesn’t really follow football, he always drafts guys that were big names about 4 years ago but have clearly bottomed out. This has been the Raiders’ approach to free agency every year that I’ve been alive. Kethia: I once took the train the same day there was a Raiders game and a S&M festival.

there has been a slew of negative news about Palin.

It is hard for his message to ring true: If you elect me I finally clean up Washington, having been there for 30 years said Professor Masket, a political scientist at Denver University. ‘It is a really hard Josh McCown Jersey needle to thread The economy is not the on which McCain wanted to fight the election. His line last week that ‘the fundamentals of our economy are strong’ was the latest a list of verbal mistakes he has made over economic issues. The subject has been a weak one for Republicans ever since the Bush administration turned a surplus into a massive deficit and jobless figures started creeping up. A recent Washington Post poll found that people preferred Obama on the economy by 51 per cent to 39 per cent.

Almost three-quarters of Justin Gilbert Jersey people said Obama understood their economic problems, compared with only 53 per cent who thought McCain felt that way. Certainly McCain’s recent successes the polls have not been built on his economic image. Instead they were boosted by a tough, disciplined message machine that had successfully torn into Obama’s image and accused him of being elitist, liberal and sexist. But now that apparatus of attack is starting to splutter too. Reporters on McCain’s campaign plane recently staged a protest against a decision to cut off access to McCain. They chanted ‘Bring Mac back!’ as they sat their plane seats. The demonstration had little impact but showed how broken relations have become with the press corps that once fawned upon the candidate. At the same time, the hard-edged anti-Obama attacks have become extreme that many commentators have accused the campaign of outright lies. Even the conservative Fox News channel joined the debate when one of its anchors publicly ripped into a senior McCain spokesman on air for misrepresenting Obama’s tax plans.

Finally, to add to the misery, there has been a slew of negative news about Palin. After first promising to co-operate the Troopergate investigation Alaska, she has now refused to testify. So has her husband, Todd. The McCain campaign is taking the whole issue seriously that it has dispatched a rapid response team to Alaska to rebut the regular new revelations emerging from the state. The effort is being directed by lawyer O’Callaghan, a McCain who was previously a terrorist expert. Polls have shown that the story has damaged Palin, and a carefully planned media rollout, via a series of TV interviews, has done little to blunt it. After massive swings her direction after her stunning debut at the Republican convention, the pendulum of popularity has started to reverse course. Last week one poll showed Palin registering 11-point drop support among women. Another showed white women voters going back to Obama by a margin of 21 points. Not that anyone could tell that from Palin’s performance Iowa. When not shouting over the noise of protesters, she doggedly delivered her trademark speech, complete with introduction of her husband as ‘First Dude’ and touting her experience as a ‘mom’. She exuded confidence and kept up the barrage of attacks on Obama. ‘He likes to point the finger of blame she said of the Democratic candidate ‘But has he ever really lifted a finger to help The message is aimed at people like Ron Eversman and small towns like, Iowa. Eversman, a baker, was sitting last week the neat square at the heart of, a town surrounded by cornfields and reeling from the closure of a factory and the loss of hundreds of jobs. It is a story repeated all over and uppermost voters’ minds. Eversman had watched the events on Wall Street unfolding with a mixture of fear and grim fascination. ‘It sure isn’t good, is it? I have a little investment and it has taken a beating he said. Eversman had good news for Obama. He plans to vote for him. ‘McCain is too much like Bush. He’s better than Bush, of course. But I want something different But it would be a mistake to think the Democrats have the support of Eversman – and millions of worried voters like him – sewn up. Eversman admitted that he could change his mind by November.

That they would beat people, shock them with electrical shock, stab them

They were secret, never declared. But the American top brass and the Iraqi leadership knew all about these prisons. The things that went on there: drilling, murder, torture. The ugliest sort of torture I’ve ever seen. According to one soldier with the 69th Armoured Regiment who was deployed Samarra 2005 but who doesn’t want to be identified: It was like the Nazis … like the Gestapo basically. They would essentially torture anybody that they had good reason to suspect, knew something, or was part of the insurgency … or supporting it, and people knew about that. The Guardian interviewed six torture victims as part of this investigation. One, a who says he was held for Martin St. Louis Jersey 20 days, said: There was no sleep. From the sunset, the torture would start on me and on the other prisoners. They wanted confessions. They’d say: ‘Confess to what have you done.’ When you say: ‘I have done nothing. Shall I confess about something I have not done?’, they said: ‘Yes, this is our way. The Americans told us to bring as detainees as possible order to keep them frightened.’ I did not confess about anything, although I was tortured and took off toenails. Smith, a 20-year-old medic who was based Samarra, remembers what low ranking US soldiers the canteen said. What was pretty widely known our battalion, definitely our platoon, was that they were pretty violent with their interrogations.

That they would beat people, shock them with Mats Zuccarello Jersey electrical shock, stab them, I ‘t know what… it sounds like pretty awful things. If you sent a there he was going to get tortured and perhaps raped or whatever, humiliated and brutalised by the special commandos order for them to get whatever information they wanted. He now lives Detroit and is a born-again Christian. He spoke to the Guardian because he said he now considered it his religious duty to speak out about what he saw. I ‘t think folks back home had any idea what American soldiers were involved over there, the torture and all kinds of stuff. Through Facebook, Twitter and social media the Guardian managed to make contact with three soldiers who confirmed they were handing over detainees to be tortured by the special commandos, but none except Smith were prepared to go on camera. If somebody gets arrested and we hand them over to MoI they’re going to get their balls hooked, electrocuted or they’re going to get beaten or raped up the ass with a coke bottle or something like that, one said. He left the army 2006. 28, he works with refugees from the Arab world Detroit teaching recent arrivals, including Iraqis, English. I suppose it is way of saying sorry, he said. When the Guardian BBC Arabic posed questions to Petraeus about torture and his relationship with Steele it received reply a statement from official close to the general saying, General Petraeus’s record, which includes instructions to his own soldiers … reflects his clear opposition to any form of torture. Colonel Steele was one of thousands of advisers to Iraqi units, working the area of the Iraqi police. There was no set frequency for Colonel Steele’s meetings with General Petraeus, although General Petraeus did him on a number of occasions during the establishment and initial deployments of the special police, which Colonel Steele played a significant role.

But Maass, then reporting for the New York Times, and who has interviewed both men, remembers the relationship differently: I talked to both of them about each other and it was very clear that they were very close to each other terms of their command relationship and also terms of their ideas and ideology of what needed to be done. Everybody knew that he was Petraeus’s. Even Steele defined himself as Petraeus’s. Maass and photographer Gilles Peress gained a unique audience with Steele at a library-turned-detention-centre Samarra. What I heard is prisoners screaming all night, Peress said. You know at which point you had a US captain telling his soldiers, ‘t, just ‘t come near this. Two men from Samarra who were imprisoned at the library spoke to the Guardian investigation team. We’d be tied to a spit or we’d be from the ceiling by our hands and our shoulders would be dislocated, one told us.

Is it not your own ring? Power and were murdered by Mahdists

Is it not your own ring? Power and were murdered by Mahdists, though it was ‘s head that was sent to Muhammad. There was no meeting at which Muhammad attempted to intimidate with lucky dips full of bits of dead people, though he did write him a series of polite letters asking him to leave the Sudan that further bloodshed might be avoided. Bloodied … Heston a scene from Khartoum. Photograph: Kobal a Danario Alexander Jersey scene inspired by ‘s painting, The Last Stand of General, the Mahdists storm Khartoum. steps out to face them calmly. A reverent hush falls, and finally one hurls a single spear through his chest. This is heavily romanticised. The real came out shooting but ran out of ammunition on the staircase. The detailed account of one Mahdist suggests he was killed with a gunshot to the chest, not a spear, and that it was a mistake: the dim light, they mistook him for a Turk. Afterwards, his head is brought on a stick to Muhammad, who isn’t pleased at all. Take it away! he howls. For a chap with barrels of severed body parts his tent, this seems uncharacteristically squeamish – but, real life, Muhammad did specifically order that was not to be killed. Historically, Khartoum is hit and, with serious errors direction, writing, editing, and Olivier.

case you haven’t heard, Alex Ovechkin and Danny Woodhead Jersey tennis player Kirilenko announced their split Monday. Goodbye, incredibly athletic Russian power couple. An SI report said that the breakup occurred over Ovechkin’s Instagram photo with another girl, but according to Kirilenko, that’s false., can you comment on the story about the pictures with and on social networks, which are being so vigorously discussed the media? Kirilenko: Believe me, over the years I have seen so pictures of the company of young ladies, that I have gotten used to it. That is normal. We are public figures, and people often want to take pictures with us.

This is the first time I heard about this girl, and I made my decision to break up the engagement before these pictures appeared on the social networks. It is laughable to point to them as the main reason behind the breakup – after three years together couples do not break up over a couple of pictures. There are much more significant reasons. I will not go into any more details about them. But let’s just say it is not a secret for anybody that has certain habits and particulars of behavior that I did not consider worth tolerating anymore. That last sentence is a solid passive-aggressive burn. So, why did the two separate? Kirilenko wouldn’t elaborate beyond a lot of reasons.

FORMER Southampton manager Wotte has backed Manchester United ace Schneiderlin to become a top player under the stewardship of Gaal. Schneiderlin, 25, joined the Red Devils from Saints earlier this for a fee of £25m. The midfielder has played an integral role Gaal’s side this and looks set to become a permanent fixture the starting XI. Wotte, who coached the former Strasbourg ace the first-half of his debut with Saints, is a big fan of the holding midfielder and believes he flourish under the tutelage of Gaal. improve ‘s game Wotte improve ‘s game, Wotte told the. He is very good at is improving players and is very receptive, coachable and ambitious to become even better than he already is. There is a lot of competition for him but I have no doubt he play the majority of Manchester United’s games. Related articles.

Calvin Johnson dresses up like Steve Urkel, then meets him on DWTS

If you were surprised by Calvin Johnson in the opening week of “Dancing with the Stars,” you weren’t alone.

Johnson admitted Monday he’s showing a different side of himself on the hit ABC television show — one way more relaxed than the persona that the former wide receiver displayed for nine seasons with the Detroit Lions.

ESPN first reported the development.

A consensus top-10 talent leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft, Gregory plummeted to Dallas in the second round due to a failed drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine. The Nebraska star also was late to pre-draft interviews amid concerns about his ability to handle the “mental rigors” of professional football.

Cowboys executive vice president and chief operating officer Stephen Jones made it clear months ago that the second-year edge rusher was on thin ice.

“This is a disappointment,” Jones said after Gregory was suspended four games in February. “We have been clear with Randy about what his responsibilities are and what is expected of him. This is something that he is going to have to work through and correct.”

“Last week people probably saw a different side of me, because my personality during football season is very reserved,” Johnson said during the pre-dance, pretaped interview. “But here, I can let loose. I’m enjoying the hell out of it.”

This isn’t Sam Bradford’s team yet. It will go as far as Mike Zimmer’s talented defense takes it. But this is Bradford’s offense, and it will be on Minnesota’s new quarterback and No. 1 receiver Stefon Diggs to carry this offense until Peterson is back. With a road game in Carolina on tap before hosting the Giants and Texans, both currently 2-0, things won’t get easier for the Vikings.

Drew Brees agrees to third deal with Saints after prolific decade with team

METAIRIE, La. — Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints waited until the 11th hour. But they finally agreed to a contract extension Wednesday, according to league sources — four days before the quarterback’s self-imposed Week 1 deadline.

Brees, 37, acknowledged that he would have preferred a long-term deal.

“I plan to play for longer than two years, so yeah, I think my mindset going into this was to be able to secure a deal that would take me for as long as I plan on playing,” he said. “But this is what was in the best interest of the team. And so that’s why it was a two-year deal.”

This is Brees’ third contract with the Saints after he originally signed with the team in 2006. In 2012, he became the highest-paid player in NFL history to that point, thanks to his five-year, $100 million contract.

Brees was headed into the final year of his previous contract.

His decade in New Orleans has been the most prolific of any quarterback in NFL history. His 48,555 yards and 348 touchdown passes are the most of any quarterback in any 10-year span, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Brees has won exactly 100 games with the Saints — including the only Super Bowl victory in franchise history, a 31-17 win over the Indianapolis Colts after the 2009 season.

He could pass Peyton Manning for No. 1 on the NFL’s all-time passing yardage (71,940) and passing touchdown (539) lists before his next deal is up. He’s on pace to do so within three or four years.

Brees ranks fourth in NFL history with 60,903 passing yards and will likely pass Dan Marino for third in Week 2. He and Tom Brady are tied for third in NFL history with 428 touchdown passes.

Man, it would have been fun. Just like it would have been fun to see Andrew Luck hold out for full guarantees. Alas, it was not to be. Quarterback deals almost always work out the way you expect them to work out in the NFL, mainly because everybody’s got too much to lose.

From the Saints’ standpoint, this is the right move. Yeah, Brees is 37 and the group around him is nothing like it was in their Super Bowl heyday. They face major salary-cap issues in the next couple of years, with or without this deal. You could make the case that the right thing to do would be to move on. But any such case leads to a situation where the Saints don’t know who their quarterback is next year. And there’s nothing scarier for a team than that.

When you don’t know who your quarterback is, Howie Roseman can take your lunch money, your locker combination and that copy of the chemistry final you swiped off the teacher’s flash drive. It’s a bad situation. The Saints obviously weren’t feeling great about Garrett Grayson, next year’s draft will be the fifth in a row that doesn’t include Luck, and the best free agents on the market would be Kirk Cousins and Brees himself. Nobody wants to be lost in that particular wilderness. The Saints will stick with Brees until his arm falls off if that’s cool with him, and it appears it is.

Yes, the really interesting thing about this deal is how badly Brees apparently wanted it done. While it may have seemed fun from the outside to think about Brees on the open market, people close to Brees say it didn’t sound fun to him. He didn’t want to be seen as a guy trying to cash in one last time. He’s basically a New Orleans legend at this point — a very wealthy and comfortable one at that. So taking what amounts to a one-year, $24 million extension ended up being fine. It mattered to Brees that he stick it out with Sean Payton and the Saints in the hope that they could build the roster up around him just enough to make one more run.

Glenn Gronkowski is more tame version of his fun-loving brother Rob

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — The AFC East can officially make room for another Gronk.

Undrafted free-agent fullback Glenn Gronkowski, who played at Kansas State, will join his older brother Rob Gronkowski in the division this season after surviving the Buffalo Bills’ cuts to a 53-man roster Friday.

Burfict has missed games before. He missed 11 games in 2014 due to microfracture surgery and spent the first part of the 2015 season on PUP. But this time it’s a little different.

He’s essentially been in limbo this summer. He has been allowed to practice in training camp and could have played in the preseason but Bengals coach Marvin Lewis held him out of all four games to negate the injury risk.

The Bills also released fullback Jerome Felton. With that move, Glenn Gronkowski made the Bills’ roster at fullback.

In all, the Bills released 21 players Friday as they trimmed their roster to the 53-man limit.

Without Manny Lawson, the Bills will start veteran Lorenzo Alexander at outside linebacker.

“Lorenzo Alexander has earned the right to be a starter on this team. He won the job. That’s why he’ll start,” Bills coach Rex Ryan said. “As far as specifics [on Lawson], I’d rather not get into specifics.”

Gronkowski, an undrafted rookie from Kansas State, is the youngest of five Gronkowski brothers who are natives of the Buffalo suburb of Williamsville. Rob Gronkowski is a star tight end for the New England Patriots, and Chris and Dan Gronkowski are both former NFL players.

“I think with Glenn, I thought we did a lot of things with him. We put him in at some tight end spots. We put him in a the ‘U’ tight end. We put him in at fullback. And he gives some special teams depth,” Ryan said. “So I think that was what’s been impressive with this young man. But I wanted to see him be more physical. And I think he showed that a little bit [in the final preseason game].”

Glenn Gronkowski, whose nickname is Goose, was congratulated Friday on Instagram by his brother Gordie, a former draft selection of the Los Angeles Angels.

Chargers release veteran wide receiver James Jones

James Jones is back on the market.

Four weeks after Jones signed on with San Diego, the Chargers have released the 32-year-old wideout, the team announced Monday.

You know who else must be stunned about what’s going on right now? April Trevor Siemian. That dude was about to go lunch pail shopping.

Per @JamesPalmerTV, Trevor Siemian had a regular person job lined up before the draft because he didn’t know what his future was.

Jameis Winston, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Winston finished just outside QB1 territory (QB13) last season, but I like him to step up in his second-year. He had 22 touchdown passes which was the fourth-most among rookie quarterbacks. Which isn’t a surprise because it’s not like Terry Bradshaw was slinging the rock as a rookie. Hell, did he even play as a rookie? A lot of those dudes sat the bench. The one thing I kind of like about Winston is that he isn’t afraid to force the issue and go downfield. He was among the leaders in yards per attempt, so he’s not a dump-off specialist. He’ll frustrate you some with his interceptions, but then he’ll seed one to Adam Humphries to make you best friends again.

Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee Titans
Mariota opened like Guns N’ Roses with a huge debut in the first couple of weeks, and everybody scrambled to get him off the waiver wire. He had some ebbs and flows like most rookies, but he had at least 30 fantasy points twice in his rookie year. Tied for most by a rookie. I love his scrambling ability. He had a number of sick runs, and that always helps to propel a quarterback’s value. He’s much more cautious than Winston, but make no mistake, he can make all of the throws that he needs to. He’s really got something cooking with tight end Delanie Walker. I like Mariota to have the safer floor than Winston because he does do a great job. Well, maybe a decent job. He did have 10 picks last year. So maybe I’m driving down narrative street.

DeAndre Washington, RB, Oakland Raiders
Mostly when you pick a rookie fantasy running back, you’re damning the guy who is starting ahead of him. I’m not super-stoked on Latavius Murray. Which is strange because I love to take Murray in the fourth-round because I find him a great value and really love the Raiders offensive line. That’s why I have Washington here. He’s going to have a defined third-down role at some point. And he could actually become a Danny Woodhead-type, who ranks in Top 25 each season kind of way. I also believe he could end up being the No. 1 in Oakland. And then stuff will go crazy.

Russell Wilson finds rhythm, picks apart Cowboys

SEATTLE — Entering Thursday night, the Seattle Seahawks’ first-team offense had failed to produce any points on six possessions this preseason.

But Russell Wilson & Co. found their rhythm against the Dallas Cowboys, scoring four times in six possessions during the 27-17 victory on Thursday night. Wilson was sharp, completing 16-of-21 passes for 192 yards and a pair of scores.

Wilson’s first touchdown came off of a play-action. He showed perfect touch, lofting the pass into the hands of wide receiver Paul Richardson for a 9-yard touchdown.

The second touchdown was vintage Wilson. He bought time, spun out of the pocket, rolled to his right and hit Tyler Lockett in the end zone for another 9-yard score.

And while coach Mike Zimmer would not confirm ESPN’s report that Bridgewater missed the game with a sore shoulder, he did say he will lean toward playing it safe with injured players, especially in the preseason.

“If he had an issue with his shoulder, I’m going to make sure I’m going to err on the side of caution,” Zimmer said. “If I played him and he got hurt, you guys would be killing me in the press. I’m always going to protect the players, I’m going to do what I think is best for the organization, and you’re going to have to respect that.

Two league sources told ESPN on Friday that Bridgewater could have played if it was the regular season, but the Vikings decided shortly before Thursday’s game to sit him.

Bridgewater stuck mostly to checkdowns and throws over the middle in Tuesday’s practice, with a long throw of about 15 yards that was intercepted by Harrison Smith.

As the Vikings eased Bridgewater back in, Zimmer said it’s not imperative that the third-year quarterback plays again in the preseason, following two series of work in the team’s exhibition opener Aug. 12.

Christine Michael does it again: The Seahawks running back had seven carries for 58 yards. In three preseason games, Michael has carried 24 times for 157 yards (6.5 yards per carry). He continues to look like a player who will have a role on this offense in 2016.