there has been a slew of negative news about Palin.

It is hard for his message to ring true: If you elect me I finally clean up Washington, having been there for 30 years said Professor Masket, a political scientist at Denver University. ‘It is a really hard Josh McCown Jersey needle to thread The economy is not the on which McCain wanted to fight the election. His line last week that ‘the fundamentals of our economy are strong’ was the latest a list of verbal mistakes he has made over economic issues. The subject has been a weak one for Republicans ever since the Bush administration turned a surplus into a massive deficit and jobless figures started creeping up. A recent Washington Post poll found that people preferred Obama on the economy by 51 per cent to 39 per cent.

Almost three-quarters of Justin Gilbert Jersey people said Obama understood their economic problems, compared with only 53 per cent who thought McCain felt that way. Certainly McCain’s recent successes the polls have not been built on his economic image. Instead they were boosted by a tough, disciplined message machine that had successfully torn into Obama’s image and accused him of being elitist, liberal and sexist. But now that apparatus of attack is starting to splutter too. Reporters on McCain’s campaign plane recently staged a protest against a decision to cut off access to McCain. They chanted ‘Bring Mac back!’ as they sat their plane seats. The demonstration had little impact but showed how broken relations have become with the press corps that once fawned upon the candidate. At the same time, the hard-edged anti-Obama attacks have become extreme that many commentators have accused the campaign of outright lies. Even the conservative Fox News channel joined the debate when one of its anchors publicly ripped into a senior McCain spokesman on air for misrepresenting Obama’s tax plans.

Finally, to add to the misery, there has been a slew of negative news about Palin. After first promising to co-operate the Troopergate investigation Alaska, she has now refused to testify. So has her husband, Todd. The McCain campaign is taking the whole issue seriously that it has dispatched a rapid response team to Alaska to rebut the regular new revelations emerging from the state. The effort is being directed by lawyer O’Callaghan, a McCain who was previously a terrorist expert. Polls have shown that the story has damaged Palin, and a carefully planned media rollout, via a series of TV interviews, has done little to blunt it. After massive swings her direction after her stunning debut at the Republican convention, the pendulum of popularity has started to reverse course. Last week one poll showed Palin registering 11-point drop support among women. Another showed white women voters going back to Obama by a margin of 21 points. Not that anyone could tell that from Palin’s performance Iowa. When not shouting over the noise of protesters, she doggedly delivered her trademark speech, complete with introduction of her husband as ‘First Dude’ and touting her experience as a ‘mom’. She exuded confidence and kept up the barrage of attacks on Obama. ‘He likes to point the finger of blame she said of the Democratic candidate ‘But has he ever really lifted a finger to help The message is aimed at people like Ron Eversman and small towns like, Iowa. Eversman, a baker, was sitting last week the neat square at the heart of, a town surrounded by cornfields and reeling from the closure of a factory and the loss of hundreds of jobs. It is a story repeated all over and uppermost voters’ minds. Eversman had watched the events on Wall Street unfolding with a mixture of fear and grim fascination. ‘It sure isn’t good, is it? I have a little investment and it has taken a beating he said. Eversman had good news for Obama. He plans to vote for him. ‘McCain is too much like Bush. He’s better than Bush, of course. But I want something different But it would be a mistake to think the Democrats have the support of Eversman – and millions of worried voters like him – sewn up. Eversman admitted that he could change his mind by November.